Camo & Krooked - Reincarnation / Climax

Camo & Krooked - Reincarnation / Climax
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Artist: Camo & Krooked
Label: Hospital Records
Product Code: NHS 168
Genre: Drum & Bass
Year: 2010
Format: 12 inch
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Climax does just what the title suggests! The massive electro-static build up exudes bold harmonies before the huge dynamic of a grungy bit-crushed bassline slams home to grab the dancefloor and shake it hard - with some serious feel good vibes.

Reincarnation breathes energy and catches attention right from the neat glitchy intro which builds up and explodes into a kick-roll frenzy. Diva wails add to the force and euphoria. Both these tunes represent a production duo at the height of their powers - and at the cutting edge of D+B sound in 2010.

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