Eye-D & DJ Hidden - Peer To Peer Pressure (Including CD Album) (Black Vinyl)

Eye-D & DJ Hidden - Peer To Peer Pressure (Including CD Album) (Black Vinyl)
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Artist: Eye-D & DJ Hidden
Label: PRSPCT Recordings
Product Code: PRSPCTLP 002
Genre: Various Styles
Year: 2011
Format: 4x 10 inch
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When you say Eye-D & Hidden you can only think of 3 things.. Devastating kicks, ear shattering snares and chest rattling subs. These 2 pioneers of the hard styled DnB have been at it for more than 10 years already releasing together, separate or under their alias 'The Outside Agency' on countless labels already. But now finally their very first album entitled 'Peer to Peer Pressure' sees the light of day.
The opening track 'Ascender' sets the tone perfectly, it lifts you up only to let you plummet to your death and scream for your life when 
'Battlefield' kicks in. The menacing drop and drum patterns will destroy anything that comes in his path without remorse so brace yourself for impact.'Chemical Dreams' soothes the wounds of eardrum devastation with its epic post apocalyptic attitude and ribcage shaking subs. Then it's off to the 'Beholder' a BPM shifting, genre style fusing roller which will leave you wondering for ages to come. 'Instinct' offers a different taste to the mix and shows the industrial side to the duo but drenched in melancholy. If things are already turning for the worst then there is only 1 thing that can make it worse and that's 'Rain'. When this one kicks in a shower of drums and kicks are hurled at you at the speed of light, so you better prepare yourself. 'Speed Bump' shows that they can flow in any way they want to.. So this one comes equipped with a destructive Dubstep breakdown for the crossover crew and switches back with maximum rolling effect. Then last but not least for the vinyl package is 'Time Device' .. Eye-D & Hidden turn to a drumstep tip that will wreck any system to smithereens in mere seconds. A beat with so much destruction should be illegal in every country.

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