Pattern J - Until Disaster

Pattern J - Until Disaster
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Artist: Pattern J
Label: Psychik Genocide
Product Code: PKG 060
Genre: Frenchcore
Year: 2013
Format: 12 inch
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An accomplished musician, having mastered the electronic composition in its most extreme aspects: Hardcore, Pattern J brings us his new energy and emotion-packed maxi. 

This new maxi contains 3 mega-technical tracks that are full of great melodies and stay true to his signature style-designed for both our inner journey as well as for the dance floor. Pattern J is an expert on 'break' and enjoys breaking down the rhythms to create his own universe. 

220 BPM long side The Last Resort is a bloody track... On the other side you'll get that sick 'Beatyful Disaster', and its long break with some kind of Shoop mellow style... Records ends with Angel Burst, a tribecore smart tune, full of trancy feelings.

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