Djipe - Messiah

Djipe - Messiah
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Artist: Djipe
Label: Deathchant Records
Product Code: CHANT 068
Genre: UK Hardcore
Year: 2014
Format: 12 inch
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With Messiah we enter the Wu-Tang hardcore Deathchant style. This must be an eyeblink to the label !

With PONTAS we can see the artist pinch of Crossbreed influences, still in the ultra alive tunes, full of breaks, with a solid kick, bassy and dynamik. Hardcore newskool.

Robotic still kicks like Hell, and again we go Hip Hop classics and Deathchant original style personal interpretation. Probably the best tune on this EP, very Dancefloor and full efficients breaks. A Masterpiece.

Paranoic Hallucination is a finisher, very crossbreed influenced, more than a pinch, with bassy breaks, and a superb sound... The Newskool from Nederlands !

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