Hallucinator - New World Disorder

Hallucinator - New World Disorder
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Artist: Hallucinator, Coppa, Counterstrike, C-Netik & Cooh
Label: Yellow Stripe Records
Product Code: YSR LP 002 CD
Genre: Various Styles
Year: 2015
Format: CD
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Hallcuinator delivers their first album with 11 tracks on Yellow-Stripe Recordings.

After a huge release collection, and a lot of big labels they finally decide to make an album. This album is full of tracks that shows exacly what Hallucinator is and what are their influences since Metal, to Hardcore and obvious always having Hard Drum and Bass as a 'line'. 

This album also includes a lot of collaboration with Counterstrike 'Revolver', Cooh' The Solution', C-Netik 'Drop Bombs' and featuring Mc Coppa 'Sick Society'.

Its impossible to mention only 1 track from this amazing album you have to listen and choose for yourself.

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