London Elektricity - Yikes CD

London Elektricity - Yikes CD
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Artist: London Elektricity & Elsa Esmeralda
Label: Hospital Records
Product Code: NHS 186 CD
Genre: Drum & Bass
Year: 2011
Format: CD
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1 Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm (featuring Elsa Esmeralda) 

2 Meteorites (featuring Elsa Esmeralda) 

3 Had a Little Fight 

4 The Plan That Cannot Fail 

5 Yikes! 

6 Fault Lines (featuring Elsa Esmeralda) 

7 U Gotta B Crazy 

8 Round The World In A Day (featuring Elsa Esmeralda) 

9 Love The Silence (featuring Elsa Esmeralda) 

10 Flesh Music 

11 Invisible Worlds (featuring Elsa Esmeralda)

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