The Hard Way - The Hard Way (Including CD Album)

The Hard Way - The Hard Way (Including CD Album)
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Artist: The Hard Way, Limewax, Bong-Ra & Thrasher
Label: PRSPCT Recordings
Product Code: PRSPCTTHW 001
Genre: Various Styles
Year: 2014
Format: 2x 12 inch
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The Hard Way - The Hard Way (Including CD Album)
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Smashing release on PRSPCT HW! The Hard Way style!

Some tracks on the album are 100% DJ friendly Dance floor stompers, others 100% Not.A mix of Drum&Bass, Hardcore, Breakcore, Punk & Rock with BPM's ranging from 175 to 210. Majority of the tracks are brand new but we also added new and improved versions of tracks like Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers & Pentagram of Coke. Adding guitars en live vocals for instance.

This is just the beginning of The Hard Way devil worshipping... This release is stricly limited so be quick!

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